So you’ve finally managed to purchase a new house you and your family can call home. Now comes the next big step: making the move. The truth is, relocating to your new home may take a bit more effort than buying the house itself. That’s because a successful move takes a good amount of careful planning and organisation so that the big day can be as worry- and hassle-free as possible.

Ideally, you should start planning the move as early as two months before the actual date. During this period, create a binder that contains an extensive inventory of all the items that are subject to removal. At the same time, contact a trusted moving company that can assist you during your move. This way, you can become more organised and prepared as the moving date draws closer.

To help you further with your move, here is a simple home removals checklist you can use to make things easier.

Two Months Prior

Even if the moving date is still two months today, it helps to already start going through all the items in your house. Look at all of your belongings closely and decide whether they are worth keeping or purging. Sort your items accordingly and group them already to make packing a whole lot easier. 

Six Weeks Before

By this time, you should have already ordered all of the supplies you need for the move. These include the boxes and a host of other moving supplies such as bubble wrap, permanent markers and tape. Before you order your boxes and other storage containers, make sure you measure all of the items that will go inside them, so you can be sure you have the right sizes.

One Month Before

Make arrangements for your move by contacting your chosen moving company and confirm details such as the moving date, moving address, costs, and more. You may also want to start packing your items, too. 

One Week Before

Pack all of your family’s suitcases so that there is much less to do around the home when moving day arrives. These are all the essentials that you will keep close at hand.

Remember to plan things as early as possible when you are preparing to move to a new home. That way, you can settle into your new home knowing that every single item is where it should be. The more organized you are, the better the removals company can help you. Consult with one today to plan your move.


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