Almost everyone would need a removals company to help them move house, but how many people stop and seriously think about the type of van they’ll need? In order to avoid unnecessary costs and keep your move on the right track, be sure to consult with your moving agency about the kind of van most suitable for your relocation.

What Size of Van?

While you don’t want to pay for a van that’s too large for a small amount of furniture, neither do you want the removals company to have to make multiple journeys. The initial cost difference between a bigger and smaller van could be quickly outweighed if a second journey needs to be made. Fuel costs have been rising gradually over the last few years in the UK, and if you’re on a tight budget, you won’t want to have to factor this in as well as the cost of more time with a van and staff.

Consider how much furniture have to be moved and how large they are. One box may be around 3 cubic feet, while a fridge may be about 30 cubic feet. Ask your removals company for their van sizes to determine roughly how much space you’ll need. Ask for their expert opinion if you find this task difficult.

Consider Access

If you’re moving to a new home which is difficult to access, you’ll need to consider how a removals van will enter your property. Is the lane wide enough for a large vehicle, or will you need to ask for more trips in a smaller van so your items can be delivered safely? Ask your mover about the dimensions of their vehicles, and about their ability to traverse narrow and winding roads.

If you’re uncomfortable about driving a vehicle down difficult roads, don’t try to do a DIY moving job. Professional movers will transport your belongings and even set them where they need to be.

How Much Professional Help Do You Need?

The size of and quantity of your furniture and possessions will dictate how many professionals you’ll need to help you move. Decide whether you want to accompany your stuff, or whether you’d like the entire move done for you. It may actually save you a heap of trouble to let moving professionals take over.

The removals van can be the difference between a successful move and an unsuccessful one. If you’re interested in what vehicles and professionals are available for you to hire, speak to your removals company for more information.


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