Whether you are moving next door or 200 miles away, office relocation can be a daunting task for both the employees and the management. Apart from moving heavy furniture and equipment, the most complex task during office removals involves data storage and protection.

Changes in the systems increase the chances of data loss, hence the need to engage moving office professionals right from the onset of making plans. Not only does it minimise the risk of data loss and disruption but it also ensures a smooth transition of the IT communications and network infrastructure.

Reviewing Crucial Equipment For Hardware Problems

Most hardware problems are quickly fixed as they hardly go unnoticed, but certain issues that disrupt services may be overlooked. As such, removal professionals make several checks on the server, desktop and router for problems like:

  • Error indication like app commands not working, slow computer operations or the mouse, keyboard and other peripherals aren’t operating efficiently;
  • Unusual noises from the equipment; and
  • Error logs that indicate hardware problems or persistent faults

Note that some issues show that your system may not handle the relocation.

Checking The Regular Backups

Today, most organisations have set up data backup and security systems to protect against loss of information, including safeguards against cyber threats, equipment failure and human error. Before the relocation, the professionals conduct checks to ensure the backup system is working properly.

Storing Data In Central Servers

Sensitive data such as client lists, accounting data, and product documentation should be accounted for and backed up using the regular backup process. However, if the data is spread out across laptops, desktops and other servers, the professionals will help you centralise the information in one or more central servers.

When packing each workstation for relocation, they will also verify that no information is stored in one file like ‘My Documents’ and all relevant information is protected in the data backup system.

Packing The Systems And Backup Data Independently

Lastly, removal professionals ensure that the central servers and essential IT equipment are packed and transported separately. They ensure that, if one of the systems gets lost, damaged or stolen, clients still retain crucial company information.

In the end, you don’t want to create downtime that lasts for days. The office removals surrey professionals visit your office to conduct several checks before the relocation to ensure all important data is protected. Apart from managing the disconnection of equipment and services at the old office, the removal professionals can also get the systems running in your new premises, thereby reducing the inevitable downtime caused by the move.


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