To begin with

Your office is a place that must rejuvenate your workers to perform well and excel in the job they are doing. However, if your current settings lack such enthusiasm, perhaps a new location may be your best solution. As a business owner, you may want to move all your machines, equipment, fittings, and furniture to another place, but doing it yourself can be tedious and unfamiliar.

To begin, you will have to assign this job to a reliable office relocation company that can discreetly load all of your items into tight boxes or pack them properly to reduce the chances of damage during the process transition. At Arnold & Self, we specialise in the essential services of packing, loading, and moving all your office stuff from one place to the other.

The best solution is to involve specialists in this matter since it takes time to move everything in.

We help you develop a moving checklist to help you organise and prioritise the necessities among the clutter. By taking up this measure, you can keep a check on every item that must be delivered to your new location and don’t miss out on any, even by accident.


When planning for office relocation with a company, you must have transparent communication regarding the items you want to move and how fragile some things can be during the relocation. This transparency brings out clarity between the client and company to ensure everything is covered along the process.

Here are some pointers to note while communicating with your company about moving your office materials:

  • First, you will have to prepare your checklist for moving, which must include all the items, from machines to paper works, that must be relocated to your new place with a professional moving company.
  • Describe the objective of your relocation and when and how you would like the company to help you fulfill these objectives.
  • Connect with your ‘move manager’ to plan a detailed and logistical schedule for moving your items and relocating them to your new office as soon as possible.
  • Discuss the form of packaging required. If you plan to pack everything yourself, moving companies can provide you with the necessary crates and boxes. However, if you want the moving company to do it on your behalf, that can be worth the time and resources.

Getting Started

The big move is just around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing. That means packing and loading all your items to be moved. Start by re-inspecting each item from your office relocation checklist and ensuring they are included. Later, you can have the move manager assist you in creating an inventory for your to rank the items on your list and manage their loading and storing.

Sometimes, the need for external storage to store archive documents and materials may come in handy during major relocation. In such a case, getting in touch with professionals at Arnold & Self can help you minimise the hassle and create an external storage system just for that.

It’s time to move!

If you have come so far with checking out the items on your list and scheduling the date to move them, let’s keep them moving! Maintaining continuous communication and transit information from your moving company is essential to ensure your items reach you safe and sound.

Office owners may not know much about the risks and uncertainty during transit. Expert movers must take all the measures to ensure none of the items entrusted to them get damaged on the way to the new location. At Arnold & Self, we offer services that can secure storage, containerise and box them appropriately till they arrive at your site.

However, once your items have arrived, you must be able to sort them out quickly. To avoid last-minute confusion, color-coding and labelling each box and crate can save a lot of your time. For minimal disruption, we provide you crates and containers depending on the nature of the items and label them appropriately to avoid mistakes.

Back To Square One

Taking all this advice and pointers into consideration, you may still find it challenging to get a company in your town to help you in your business relocation. Whether you are moving to a new city, town, or an entirely new country, a reliable company can help you facilitate the relocation effortlessly by assisting you in moving the items.

We at Arnold & Self are a dedicated team of professionals who specialise in moving, removing, and storing items required during the relocation of a business. But budget may be one of your restrictions in getting experienced services; in that case, we can fill that gap by providing our best services at affordable rates.

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